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Significantly broaden the nutritional profile of your food, contains 50% Cornish Sea Salt and 50% Seagreens®




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Biodynamic Agricultural Association Certified ProductSeagreens® are registered with the Vegan Society as complying with their Animal Free StandardsSustainably Wild Harvested ProductA Raw Food

Seagreens® The Mineral Salt

Mineral balanced alternative to table salt

  • Use wherever salt is used
  • Enhance the nutritional value of your food
  • Bring out the full flavour of your food
  • Contains 50% Cornish Sea Salt and 50% Seagreens®
  • Sprinkle onto any raw or cooked food
  • Reduce hazardous high salt content in your condiments

Seagreens® The Mineral Salt

An ideal mineral balanced alternative to table salt.

Use wherever salt is used, significantly broaden the nutritional profile of your food.

Seagreens® Organic Mineral Salt contains 50% Dorset Sea Salt and 50% Seagreens® classic ready-milled grains of wild Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.

It can be used in everything from soups to risottos – or wherever salt is used – and sprinkled onto almost any raw or cooked food.

What's in it

Our glass shaker contains 50% dried granulated Seagreens® native wild Wrack seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, whose composition and health benefits Seagreens has studied and documented for over two decades and 50% natural Dorset sea salt. Nothing added or extracted. Non-allergenic.

What it does

Think of it as olive green ground pepper-and-salt in one, and healthier than any kind of salt alone.

You get salty, mineral and umami flavours from a comprehensive balance of nutrients which moderates the potential harm and intensity of pure sodium chloride. Half the salt, twice the flavour!

International studies have shown the significant correspondence between reduced daily salt intake and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and stomach cancer*

A low salt intake of 4-6g daily halved the cancer risk of 12- 15g a day in men; in women it was 35% lower**. 50% wrack seaweed with 50% salt was an antidote in rats fed salt at levels causing heart failure***.

Seaweed is also a good source of iodine which contributes to normal thyroid, nervous system and cognitive function and the maintenance of normal skin. * Ge S, et al. Association between Habitual Dietary Salt and Risk of Gastric Cancer: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies. Gastroenterology Researh and Practice. 2012;2012:ID808120. ** Japanese research published in the British Journal of Cancer, 2003. What the Scientists are Saying - Health Scare of the Week. Report in The Week, January 17, 2004. *** Yamori Y, et al. Dietary Prevention of Stroke and its Mechanisms in Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats - Preventive Effect of Dietry Fibre and Palmitoleic Acid. Journal of Hypertension. Supplement. 1986;4(3):S449-52.

How to use

Sprinkle on everyday food instead of salt. Replace salt in baking. Blend with herbs in your own seasoning. “Pass the Seagreens®”.


British Isles and Nordic region. The best seaweed species are found in different locations. Seagreens has developed 5 food certified remote harvesting locations and production facilities in England, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Scotland.

Nutritional Information - Seagreens® The Mineral Salt

The Mineral Salt per 2 grams (½ teaspoon) provides:

Amino acids:

Alanine 0.17 mg, Arginine 0.15 mg, Asparagine 0.25 mg, Aspartic acid 0.21 mg, Cystine and Cysteine* 0.14 mg, Cystathionine 0.25 mg, Glutamic acid 0.26 mg,, Glutamine 0.25 mg, Glycine 0.16 mg, Histidine 0.14 mg, Homocysteine 0.25 mg, Hydroxyproline 0.25 mg, Isoleucine 0.15 mg, Leucine 0.17 mg, Lysine 0.17 mg, Methionine 0.14 mg, 1- Methylhistidine 0.25 mg, 3-Methylhistidine 0.25mg, Ornithine 0.25 mg, Phenylalanine 0.15 mg, Phosphoserene 0.73 mg, Proline 0.17 mg, Sarcosine 0.25 mg, Serine 0.16 mg, Taurine 0.25 mg, Threonine 0.16 mg, Tryptophan 0.14 mg, Tyrosine 0.14 mg, Valine 0.16 mg. *Cysteine is a non-essential methionine amino acid derivative formed in collaboration with vitamins B6 and B12 whereas cystine, a compound formed when two amino acids form a disulfide bond, is a more stable semi-essential amino acid. Both are important in protein synthesis, detoxification and metabolism and cystine is a substrate for the cystine-glutamate cell transport by which it is readily broken down to cysteine in the cell. Normal human hair and skin contains 10-14% cystine.

Antioxidant capacity - principal antioxidant nutrients:

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) 197 µg, Calcium 6,000 µg, Copper 290 µg, Magnesium 4,010 µg, Manganese (part of the antioxidant enzyme Superoxide dismutase) 8.48 µg, Polyphenols (gallic acid equivalent) 18,165 µg, Polyphenols (tannins) 22,125 µg, Potassium 9,530 µg, Selenium 0.02 µg, Superoxide dismutase 31.75 units, Vitamin A (carotenoids) 19.20 µg, Vitamin C 236.51 µg, Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 25.88 µg, Zinc 12.08 µg.


Glycine Betaine trace, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid Betaine trace, Delta Amino Valeric Acid Betaine trace, TML (Laminine) trace, L-Carnitine trace, Trigonelline trace.


276.60 mg of which total dietary fibre is 254.13 mg including non-starch polysaccharides Algin, Fucose, Fucoidan, Mannitol, Methylpentosans, Laminarin, Mannuronic acid and Chlorophyll (antioxidant). Soluble fibre is approximately 20% of total dietary fibre, insoluble 80%.


Carbohydrase 35.98 units, Protease 336.98 units, Superoxide dismutase 31.75 units, Uronic acid 7.85 units.

Essential fatty acids:

Alpha amino-n-butyric acid 2.5 µg, Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) (antioxidant) 197 µg, Beta aminoisobutyric acid 2.5 µg, Docosadienoic acid 1 µg, Docosapentaenoic (DPA) 2 µg, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 2 µg, Eicosapentenoic acid (EPA) 331.78 µg, EPA and DHA Omega-3 333.78 µg, Gamma amino-n-butyric acid 2.5 µg, Oleic acid 1,395 µg, Omega-3 712.75 µg, Omega-6 1,762.25 µg*, Omega 9 3,812.50 µg, Monounsaturated fatty acids 4,005 µg, Polyunsaturated fatty acids 2,525 µg, Saturated fatty acids 1,575 µg, Trans fatty acids (mono- and poly-unsaturates) 0.83 µg. *Omega 3:6 ratio 40%.


Calcium (antioxidant) 6 mg, Chloride 300 mg, Magnesium (antioxidant) 4.01 mg, Nitrogen 4.7 mg, Phosphorus 2 mg, Potassium (antioxidant) 9.53 mg, Sodium 216.78 mg, Sulphur 14.08 mg.


18,165.45 µg (antioxidant).


497.5 mg


29.45 mg.


Fructose trace, Glucose trace, Maltose trace, Sucrose trace.

Trace elements:

Antimony 0.03 µg, Barium 2.69 µg, Beryllium trace, Bismuth trace, Boron 45.9 µg, Bromine 266.85 µg, Cerium trace, Caesium 0.01 µg, Chromium 0.19 µg, Cobalt 0.31 µg, Copper 0.29 µg, Dysprosium trace, Erbium trace, Europium 0.01 µg, Flouride (acid soluble) 2.11 µg, Gadolinium trace, Gallium 0.02 µg, Germanium 0.04 µg, Gold 0.01 µg, Hafnium trace, Holmium trace, Iodine 435 µg*, Iridium 0.01 µg, Iron 45.3 µg, Lanthanum trace, Lithium 0.17 µg, Lutetium trace, Manganese 8.48 µg, Molybdenum 0.42 µg, Neodymium trace, Nickel 0.32 µg, Niobium trace, Osmium trace, Palladium trace, Platinum trace, Praeseodymium trace, Rhenium 0.06 µg, Rubidium 3.14 µg, Ruthenium trace, Samarium trace, Scandium trace, Selenium 0.02 µg, Silicon** 110 µg, Silver 0.03 µg, Strontium 311 µg, Tantalum trace, Tellurium 0.03 µg, Terbium trace, Thallium trace, Thorium trace, Thuliam trace, Tin 0.01 µg, Titanium trace, Tungsten trace, Uranium trace, Vanadium 1.2 µg, Ytterbium trace, Yttrium trace, Zinc 12.08 µg, Zirconium 0.07 µg. *For more iodine information and comparison of iodine levels in different Seagreens products see below 'Iodine levels in Seagreens® nutrition products'. **Silicon and silica are different chemical species, the key difference being that silicon is an element whereas silica is a compound. Higher levels in seaweed may indicate the coincidental collection of sand during harvesting and is indicative of low grade seaweed unlikely to have been produced to standards for human nutrition.


A (precursor carotenoids, including betaine carotene, fucoxanthin and violaxanthin) 19.2 µg, B1 (thiamin) trace, B2 (riboflavin) trace, B3 (niacin or vitamin PP) 0.03 µg, B5 (pantothenic acid and calcium pantothenate) trace, B6 (pyridoxine) trace, B9 (folate) 0.45 µg, B12 (cobalamin) trace, Choline 0.08 µg*, C 0.24 µg, D2 (ergocalciferol) trace, D3 (cholecalciferol) trace, E (alpha-tocopherol) with all the isomers of wheat germ 0.03 µg, H (biotin or vitamin B8) 0.02 µg, K (K3 phytomenadione, K1 phylloquinone, K2 menaquinone 4 and menaquinone 7) 0.57 µg. *Choline, shown here as a total of choline and choline chloride, is an essential nutrient (US National Academy of Sciences, 1998) and although small amounts are made in the liver, most of our daily requirement must come from our diet. Although neither vitamin nor mineral, it is often included in the vitamin B complex. It benefits liver, brain, muscles and the nervous system and is involved in many processes such as cell structure and messaging, fat transport and metabolism, and DNA synthesis.


Iodine levels in Seagreens® nutrition products

Uptake of iodine in the body has been shown to be approximately 1/3rd of intake. Figures are average iodine levels in micrograms over two decades harvesting Seagreens®. Iodine levels fluctuate according to natural variances in species and individual uptake.

Iodine levels in Seagreens® nutrition products
Product nameIntake (daily use or portion)Uptake
The Mineral Salt (per 1g)435µg144µg

Note: 1g (gram) = 1000mg (milligram) = 1,000,000µg (microgram)

Nutritional data reproduced by permission of the Copyright holder, Seagreens Ltd, Great Britain.


Customer Reviews of Seagreens® The Mineral Salt

Life changing

When I first came across this product by chance years ago I didn't have much faith in it but I was proved wrong as daily my ill health improved and im a super sensitive celiac as in the 80s they said food allergy was a mental problem. Because of being ignored as my health deteriorated im in the 30% of people who cannot tolerate even a trace of gluten or dairy so staying healthy is very hard and very expensive as the cross-grain certificate does not apply to me or people like me who have recently been told during the first lockdown that

we have hypersplenism and a damaged auto immune system as we carried on destroying our bodies because we were told we were mad in the 80s so we continued eating the only food we could. My weight was as low as 6 stone because of this.I had salmonella in 1984 which nearly killed me and started my body rejecting gluten and dairy.

Then happily in 2004 I was about to have a mmr scan and I was in shock from gluten and dairy and I was told I had severe malnutrition.The government still said it was imaginary but the nurses disagreed.

Once an M.Ps daughter was allergic to nuts things changed.

I say all this just in case someone my age who has the same condition and needs to heal their body reads this and takes a chance on this product as I did .

In the busy lifestyle, we have today people find it easier to eat for convenience not health or if you do try and eat a healthy diet it is expensive.

With just a small sprinkle of this tasty salt into a dish, you are helping your body especially your immune system to stay healthy conveniently and cost-effectively.

Also, it makes me happy being a Druid/Witch that the product is Gaia friendly.

Like my heading states when you start to use this salt it changes your life for the better as I believe a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa

I'm a very happy and now a very healthy customer so I send a big thank you.

Brightest blessings.

Loraine /|\

From:  Loraine Molt of Malvern uk on 21/08/2021 15:13:33

Tastes Really Good!

Thank you for you such a quick service, the mineral salt tastes really good

From: Mr D. B. of Dorset on 07/07/2011 10:55:12