Customer Loyalty Scheme

Seagreens Food Capsules

Save money by becoming a Loyalty Member

Join our Loyalty Scheme and receive 10% on all your orders placed for a year!

How much will I save?

You'll save 10% on your order when you join and then on every order you place for the next year,

For example, if you purchase one Food Capsules 180 :: 3 months supply, you'll save £6.30 on that order alone.

That means, in effect, the Loyalty membership costs you just £3.71 and you'll continue to receive your 10% discount for a whole year!

How do I join?

Just click the "One Click Join" button near the top of the checkout page when you place your next order.

It cost just £10.00 to join for the whole year.

You'll receive 10% discount on that order and all your subsequent orders placed for the next year.