The Benefits of Seagreens®

Helps You Reach Optimum Health & Vitality

  • Provides high levels of Minerals, Vitamins & Trace Elements in a highly bio-available form
  • Trace elements improve nutrient absorption from other foods eaten
  • A natural wholefood easily assimilated by the body
  • Provide a broader range of nutrients than conventional, manufactured vitamin & mineral supplements
  • Enhances the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria
Seagreens Food Capsules

How Do Seagreens® Help Me?

The Seagreens® 100% seaweed product range is easy to use in the daily diet, for culinary appeal, preventive health, therapeutic use, for body care and for animals.

We live in the chemical age at a time of nutrient depletion in modern foods, life is moving faster, stress levels are higher, environmental pollution abounds.

Seagreens® fill those nutrient gaps in your diet

Modern diets often become over-refined and lack adequate nutrition and variety. Even people and families who place strong emphasis on preparing home cooked meals from fresh, and even organic ingredients can struggle to obtain adequate nutrients.

By taking Seagreens® daily you ensure your body is receiving a comprehensive range of essential nutrients, both from the Seagreens® itself and from other foods eaten. Seagreens® provides trace elements which can help your body absorb more nutrients from your food.

Seagreens® gently detoxifying effect helps your body rid itself of stored and newly acquired toxins

Seagreens® have a gently detoxifying effect, slowly, day by day, helping your body rid itself of stored and newly acquired toxins. Due to the inevitable exposure, in this chemical age, to environmental, both airborne and product based pollutants as well as chemical food additives, we all need give our body extra help to expel those toxins.

Seagreens® helps you optimise nutritional intake

Providing your body with an optimum nutritional intake may help the immune system flourish, preventing illness and ensuring a healthy state of energy and vitality.

Why is Seaweed so good?

  • The nutritional value of our food is in steep decline. The land has been losing its nutrients for many years, accelerated by intensive farming.
  • Seaweed re-absorbs all the nutrients leached from the land and we can thus return them to the soil, plants, and directly to animal and human foods.
  • Seaweed contains a broad and balanced range of nutrients.
  • Seaweeds remarkable nutritional profile and bio-availability contributes to optimum health by providing the body with a strong nutritional foundation.

Assimilating Nutrients from the Food We Eat

In order to metabolise any single nutrient (for example a protein or a carbohydrate), many other nutrients (for example enzymes, co-enzymes, trace elements) are required for what is a highly complex process.

In the metabolism of a single meal, this picture can be hugely complex, and although the body can manufacture many of the nutrients it needs, this ‘manufacturing’ also must draw on a vast array of nutrition.

Many of the nutrients required can be obtained only from the diet, and many are missing. Many are missing from the soil that all land food is grown in, and very few foods have anything other than a narrow selection of nutrients, which is why a little of many different foods is better than a single food, for example, rice, which results in malnutrition, however much is available.

By ensuring the daily presence of all the nutrients - especially the rarer micronutrients - Seagreens® provides an ideal ‘foundation’ for effective metabolism at the level of the gut.

Seaweed’s Synergistic Effect

In addition to this comprehensive balance of nutrients - the outstanding nutritional profile of Seagreens® - the ‘synergistic’ effect has to do with the fact that many food nutrients will only ‘release’ their full potency and value to the body in the presence of other specific nutrients without which they will pass from the body partially or wholly unused.

For example, to make use of protein, requires (among many other nutrients) vitamin B6. But B6 itself requires (among others) vitamin B2 and magnesium. But then again, too little folic acid would hinder our absorption of thiamine (vitamin B1), which would impair our ability to absorb carbohydrate.

All of these are micronutrients, and most must be obtained from the diet. The net effect in many cases, is that Seagreens® enables the body to obtain from the other food being eaten, more of the very nutrients which themselves may only be present in tiny amounts in the seaweed.

A research example from horticulture may make the point more simply: although the seaweed is relatively low in phosphorus, in trials it enabled plants to absorb greater amounts of phosphorus from the soil - precisely because other nutrients in the seaweed allow the plant to do so.

The Body’s Uptake and Utilisation of Nutrients

In the human body, this is why deficiencies of a known nutrient - for example iron or iodine - are sometimes remedied not by administering that nutrient alone, but by ensuring the presence of other nutrients which the body needs to metabolise the ‘deficient’ nutrient which is actually already present in the diet.

Metabolism includes not only the body’s uptake, but actual utilisation of nutrients and this is influenced by the health of the bacteria in the gut and the health of the gut wall. Here the actual transition of nutrients into the lymph and via the circulatory system to the cells of the body, takes place.

A Nutritious Prebiotic

A prebiotic is a dietary food component colonised and fermented by beneficial intestinal bacteria (probiotics), which enhances the growth of these bacteria - and consequently our own gut health and nutrient absorption.

Prebiotics, must be able to pass through the stomach without being broken down by gastric acidity and enzyme activity.

An imbalance of probiotics has been seen in several gastrointestinal disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, in cancer, and in the elderly. It is now well recognised that prebiotics can beneficially modulate the intestinal microbiota, essential for the maintenance of a normal healthy gut.

Seagreens® wild Wrack seaweeds are rich in special dietary fibres (seaweed polysaccharides) with proven prebiotic value.

Independent Seagreens research is extremely positive, with examples including increased presence of good bacteria (Lactobacilli) and reduced presence of bad bacteria (E.Coli) when diets were supplemented with seaweed polysaccharides.

Latest studies at Teesside University suggest that Seagreens has beneficial prebiotic effects and supports previous research.

Further, independent studies at Newcastle University indicate that the antioxidant capacity of Seagreens remains high throughout the initial stages of gastro-intestinal digestion. This suggests that a high concentration of ‘antioxidants’ will be released from Seagreens within the gut lumen where they can provide protection to the gut from oxidative damage.